April 23, 2009

It's our fourth day of duty for this week and today we will be at a different area and a different time. Our schedule for today is from 10PM up to 6AM at GEAMH Pedia Ward. I'm so excited because we will be meeting again our thesis adviser, Mr. Perea, because he is the assigned Clinical Instructor for today.

Since we are already familiar to the Hospital, we do not need anymore orientation. He just told us the requirements we need to submit at the end of the rotation. He also remind us all the duties and responsibilities we need to fulfill in handling our patients. Sir gave us individually a patient to handle for today. We had a break after taking the vital signs and after that, we are required to do a sample charting to be checked by Sir Perea so that tomorrow we can write it in our patient's chart.

I really love having Sir Perea as our Clinical Instructor because with him, we can talk and asked anything under the sun and he will answer it very well especially if we are asking about some sensitive questions. Unlike the other CI we had, if we started talking about some sensitive issues, they don't allow it and stop us immediately. But with Sir, he encourages us even more to ask questions because in the end, it is for our benefit.

To sum it up, today was really a great day. For me, it was really fun and at the same time, I learned some few tips and knowledge that I will definitely apply but not for now. Hehehe!

Till next time!!

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