April 24, 2009

Today is the fifth day and our last day of duty in GEAMH Pedia Ward under Mr. Perea. We arrived at the Hospital at 10PM, a little late unlike yesterday, because of the usual reason: traffic. We immediately logged in and go to the ward because there is also another school that is having their duty in Pedia ward and we do not want to lose the spot we had yesterday.

Since most of the patients we had yesterday are still there, Sir just told us that we will be handling the same patients so that there will be a continuous nursing care to our patient. This time, the sample charting we did yesterday will be written in our patient's chart that is why we should do it correctly. A lot of us, including me, took a lot of time to write the nursing care plan of my patient. It took me two tries to come up with a good nursing care plan that is very suitable and appropriate to my patient.

Honestly, I was a little bit confused in writing the soapie because the instructors we had have different styles in teaching us how to write one. That is what I think is the reason why most of us is having a hard time to make one. Every CI we had taught us a different way to write a sample charting. I hope, all the CI will teach us the same way on how to write one because it was really confusing for us if each one of them have different knowledge to teach us in writing a good soapie.

All in all, it was a good day for us. Although I was a little bit sad because since we are too busy in writing to our patient's chart, we did not have any group pictures with Sir Perea in our rotation at Pedia ward. All we have is a few shots we had taken while we are walking on our way out of the hospital at the end of our duty.

Thank you Sir Perea for the knowledge!!

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